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  • Vikash Kumar M

Why is my koi pond water green?

A koi pond water can turn green due to an excess of algae growth in the water.

The algae that causes a koi pond to turn green is often an algae known as Chlorophyta. It can grow rapidly under favorable conditions such as high levels of light, warmth, and nutrients. Thus in India, the ideal conditions for this algae to grow are easily created.

In a koi pond, excess nutrients from fish waste, uneaten food, or other organic matter can provide the ideal conditions for the algea to flourish, leading to the green color of the water.

Poor circulation and filtration; too much direct sunlight; or a combination of these factors along with excess nutrients will lead to the fast growth of the algae. To clear up a green koi pond, it's important to address the root cause(s) of the excessive algae growth and take steps to reduce nutrient levels and improve water quality and circulation. This may include installing a proper filtration system, reducing the amount of food fed to the fish, adding pond plants, and/or adjusting the amount of sunlight the pond receives.

Send us your existing setup pics and details and we will help you to find the root cause and suggest solutions to control green water.


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