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  • Vikash Kumar M

Do I really have to leave my pond pump and filter on 24 Hours a day?

This is a question I get on almost a daily basis. Now I realize everyone wants to save a little money on electricity. But not on your Koi pond or your water garden- Please!

And to that many people saying – well, I turn my swimming pool on only 4 or 5 hours and it is doing just fine. Well, your pond is not a pool. Your pool has powerful chemicals to keep it clean and clear. Your pond does not. Your Pond is alive! It has fish and plants and bacteria ( both good and bad)

" If you have any kind of pond fish or a biological filtration you need to have the pump running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

I understand running a pump 24 hours a day can get expensive due to the electricity costs involved. This can be reduced by selecting a pump that is designed for ponds and runs very efficiently. Stop using common "MONOBLOCK PUMPS" or "SWIMMING POOL PUMPS". They are not designed to run 24 hours a day and consume a lot of electricity.

So now you are left with two options - a Chinese pump or a European pump. This is a topic for another day.

Write to us with your questions or problems and we will do our best to answer it..


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