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  • Vikash Kumar M

Do I need to install a UV filter for my koi Pond?

In India, a UV filter is an important addition to a koi pond filtration system because it controls the growth of algae that causes water to turn green in the water. By exposing the water to UV (Ultraviolet) Light the UV filter kills the algae-causing bacteria.

Before deciding on the strength of the UV filter one needs to consider two things:

  1. The total volume of the koi pond, the number of fish, the level of exposure to sunlight, filtration, and circulation in the koi pond.

  2. The volume of water that is planned to be passed through the filter.

PRO TIP: - The longer the water is in contact with the UV light, the better the filter will function.

We can help you to design an effective system for your koi pond. Get in touch with us.


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