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chemical free swimming pool


Chemical Free Swimming Pools


They are a biological version of the conventional swimming pool. It can look just like a classic swimming pool, but function fully biologically. These chemical-free swimming pools require absolutely no chlorine or any other toxic chemicals—and still offer the ultimate in swimming enjoyment in crystal-clear water.

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Water features

Create stunning water features such as Natural streams, Waterfalls, Water cascades, and Water fountains with a pond or without. These can be added to your natural swimming pool or koi pond or done as part of your landscape.

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Koi Ponds
The concept of Koi ponds are one of the most relaxing and rewarding features to have in the backyard overlooking your patio. It provides a very soothing sight with the sight of a myriad range of colours and the sound of moving water as the Koi rise up to you to be fed.
The use of pond plants, marginal plants and water cascades add to the visual appeal.



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